Over the last 30 years we have watched Brisbane grow form a mid sized metropolis into a modern city. Alas everywhere in the world crime grows in proportion to progress. Crime is a scourge, however it can be stymied with co-operation from motivated citizens and good public policy. We have also seen numerous advanced in both crime detection and crime prevention. Installing a wireless home security system Brisbane residents can even up the odds. A wireless home security systems is generally cheaper to install

A wireless home security systems is generally cheaper to install

Generally cheaper to install than the traditional hard wired ones. Wireless home security systems are better value too. There is still some debate over which is more reliable. Hardwired alarm systems still have their problems. Voltage spikes from storms etc can fry delicate circuitry in a flash. Vermin can chew wiring or set up camp in warm power boxes. The difference is the sheer amount of R & D that is being done by clever geeks to deliver user friendly security system platforms. So many developers are keen to write software for smartphones for security apps.

Whist traditional hardwired alarms do have some app interfaces there are many more wireless systems with app integration. These app interfaces definitely make a home security alarm way more user friendly. This then translates to it being used more than a clunky keypad based alarm. Putting usability aside for a moment the biggest difference is actual installation.

Today labour is one of the largest costs of a home alarm installation. Also keep in mind that any price for installing a hardwired alarm can vary dramatically. Whilst a wall or ceiling space may look straight forward. Hidden barriers of obstacles can add hours to running a single cable. Wireless alarm systems are easy to install & therefore cheaper.

A wireless home security system can also be “relocated” faster  than a hard wired alarm system.  Rental properties are also great for wireless home security systems. The installation is done with far fewer penetrations into the walls. This is because we use reliable adhesion techniques for mounting the siren & or detectors.

I could ramble on more however we are very happy to come out & explain the differences. Accurate site specific quotations written and emailed is all standard proceedure. Simply call or email and you will be well on your way to making your home more secure.

Wireless home security system Brisbane

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