What Causes The Need For Intercom Repairs

The average Intercom System will last a good 15-20years but within that time period there are a lot of things that go wrong with your system if you don’t have it regularly serviced and that is when you are going to need intercom repairs.

Without regular servicing, we recommend every 24 months is more than enough, then what can happen is faults in your power supply and when that happens one of two things can happen.

It will cause interruptions to your electric strike.  The electric strike is what the button you press inside your house releases to let the person at the front gate in.   As that is the whole point of an intercom system, it’s a pretty crucial feature to ensuring your system runs smoothly.

Video Intercom System

Even though most digital security companies are taking advantage of the leaps in pixel technology thanks to smartphones and digital cameras helping the industry along, the age of old cameras in the outside units, especially the Chinese brand intercoms, the little plastic lens on the camera outside tends to fade quite often. 

And bugs are a BIG problem for intercoms.   Ants especially.   What happens when ants get in the back, they tend to bring in moisture into the intercom and ends up to shorten it all out.  This is one of the key reason we suggest biannually servicing as the little buggers tend to get into the dry and dark places first. 

In most cases we can do a like for like swap out to get your system up and working.  

The diversity in brands out there and the cheap brands which are not designed for the Australian environment and they don’t tend to last as long.  But don’t worry, if we can’t replace it we usually have a full AiPhone intercom kit in the van when we come.

Power Supply Intercom Repairs

Having your camera not work on your system is one thing but having the power not be consistent to your intercom is cause for concern.  The key outcome from this is that your gate can become unlocked, with no power your gate can become ajar due to gravity.  This can be a bigger job if there is water damage to the wiring or the previous electrician didn’t quite do the job right and has caused a fault in the lines from the house to the front gate.

We have a licensed electrician as our Intercom Service Guy, and he is the nicest Kiwi you will ever meet.   Shane can do the tests required on your lines to determine what is causing you an issue with your electricity supply.


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