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by | Apr 5, 2021 | Intercome, Smart Phone Home Security

There is little doubt that the humble smartphone has revolutionized our daily lives. A great example of this principle is the smartphone intercom system when it is fitted to a perimeter gate or door. Being able to answer someone who rings your doorbell when you are away from your home will definitely increase your security. Additionally it will make life so much simpler.

A smartphone intercom will allow you to greet and then grant access to all manner of visitors.

Of course the internet is full of people who will promise you the world and deliver little. The main reasons they do this is that they feel safe when they are in another city or state. Because they often don’t install intercoms you are on your own if you have a problem. Having diligently toiled away fixing and installing intercom systems for almost 28 years we have lots of intercom experience. We can come out and assess the best type of smartphone intercom system to install. We can also explain the benefits and shortcomings of differing systems before we do the installation.The real advantage of buying your smartphone intercom from us is that you can be sure we wont shoot through only to reappear with a new name & website. Should you have any problems with your wireless intercom system we can repair it, all within a reasonable timeframe. Few people know that those do repairs or maintenance on “security equipment” in Qld MUST BE licenced. The Qld Security providers act 1993 has big fines those who install security systems without a license.

A smartphone intercom system will also give you peace of mind.
I use my wireless intercom to let my kids into my apartment complex without a key. For those who don’t have teenagers, they lose keys like anything but I definitely like to know when they get home. My mobile phone intercom allows me to keep track of them as well as others who arrive unannounced. Call us today or email if you have anymore questions you need answered.
Smartphone Intercoms can make life much simpler.
Our vans travel to all suburbs in the Brisbane metro and surrounding area.
Intercoms can keep unknown visitors on the footpath!

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