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Safe moving is not about being big & strong. Much planning and thought is required to move a heavy safe successfully. By design safes are supposed to be difficult to move and once bolted down almost they are almost impossible to budge. When a safe is positioned in a big warehouse it quite easy. But inside an office or home with normal doorways that’s when the it can get complicated. We have done lots of safe moving Brisbane residents and business’s needed. From huge bank safes to smaller office safes.

Bunnings safes and the like are not really our niche BUT if you need one moved we will oblige. Large safes are actually becoming more rare. Over the last 20 years there has been a move away from cash. Brisbane has also seen a reduction in the number of bank branches. In days gone buy Banks used to have 4 or 5 large safes. Today they dont have much cash on hand and so less safes.

Safe moving is a skill that takes years to acquire. Not only do we have multiple staff skilled in the area of safe moving, we also have oodles of specialist equipment. Moving a heavy safe down a set of stairs is without doubt the hardest type of safe move we do. Sometimes the stairs cant take the weight of the safe & 3 or 4 men so the move becomes dangerous. Often we are forced to do the safe moving outside of business hours, this is often the case with shopping centers.

Safes are heavy but with the right equipment and people they can be moved !

Furniture movers used to do safe moving in Brisbane but work place and safety requirements have almost made it unviable for them. The cost of an injury to an employee has cause them to reconsider the activity. We regularly get a frantic phone call after the furniture movers refuse to relocate a safe. Most of the time we can help but it can be a challenge with short notice.

We dont only do safe moving Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are also areas we service, In fact we can even arrange a safe to be moved anywhere in Australia. Safes are expensive, it’s often cheaper to move the safe instead of leaving it behind and buying a new one.

The first thing to start with is to determine the weight of the safe you want moved. Most times our clients have little idea about the weight of the safe. We need this weight to work out what equipment is needed particularly if the safe needs to go into an elevator. Recently we had to weigh a safe so the building owner’s engineer could work out where the safe could be positioned. We used a set of industrial scales to accurately weigh the safe. This is a fairly rare requirement thankfully.

To get the ball rolling simply send us a photo of the safe and tell us where you want it moved to. Google maps also helps us to plan the route we may take.

safe moving Brisbane

safe moving Brisbane

Sometimes the only time we can move a heavy safe is outside of normal trading hours

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