London Diamond Heist

by | Apr 7, 2021 | CCTV

We must admit that most of the footage we see on CCTV’s usually has us slapping our foreheads as we realise it is only a matter of time before these people are caught, either by social goodwill or police prowess.  But in this situation, the London Diamond Heist, the law may have met their match.
What is the tell?
Human error in detecting the break in in the first place.
Casual demeanor of the criminals
Used one of the most used vans for crime in the UK
Would have executed the getaway as well as the crime.
Stole items that are impossible to trace
Were brazen and confident
Strategised down to the T
Would have had monitoring to manage the heist
Do you remember the movie, Inside Man, well done, strategically planned and the team was well equipped to deal with the aftermath of interrogation.  This crime had that calibre of detail to the execution.   Now it may sound like we are in awe of this crime, we are due to the excellence they showed in the crime, but we don’t condone the outcome for the families and businesses involved.   But realise this, these are a once in a lifetime crimes, big risk, big reward and most likely never to be conducted again by these people.  Sure there may be copycats down the track but this took skill and Navy Seal like precision.  This kind of team in the crime world is not your every day kind of criminal activity, mostly it is opportunistic and remotely is it ever Ocean Eleven style.

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