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The rise of the % of our shopping being done online is only going to grow as more and more services think about how they can simplify our lives by coming to our homes to deliver or supply a service.  Our new shopping habits means that more and more people & our new goodies end up at our front door.   Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish who is meant to be coming onto your property and who is up to no good.

The rise of the Ring door bell and the shift in focus by some of the bigger long term players in home security; DaHua and Aiphone, these two latter brands have been developing IP around camera quality and video storage with a steep improvement in quality and price over the past few years.  Now, the ability to check who is at the front door before opening or running down flights of stairs to get to it is becoming a time saving technology that we can all afford.

There are three brands that are not only offering professional and insurance compliant quality in Australia but also offer solutions under $1000 for the same certainty they offer deterring criminal activity and being able to check in on your home when you are out.

AI Phone Audio Intercom
We like Aiphone cause they are smart both in their tech and in their pricing. You get the reliability and confidence of a hardwired master with the convenience of wireless control, no fees for recording any captures while you are at work and with regular servicing a lifespan of up to 20 years depending on your property and it’s exposure to the elements.

Homeowners and small businesses can now see, talk, and unlock — from anywhere! Aiphone’s unique on-site monitor ensures calls from the door can be answered regardless of internet connectivity or speed. The Aiphone Intercom mobile app gives active, on-the-go users the ability to see and talk with visitors and unlock their door from virtually anywhere.

AI Phone Video Intercom
The video capacity of the AiPhone intercom can give you the extra peace of mind to read the situation before letting anyone into your home/business. We like recommending Aiphone as they have been a rare, two-time winner of the prestigious Deming Prize for quality management and manufacturing processes.

There is a small price jump for video, but this system offers add on panels so if you need a panel out the back, upstairs or in other areas of your house, this system can be set up in multiple places so you can check on the front door while you are wherever you need to be while you are home.

DuHua Audio Intercom
The video and Audio versions are included in the one system. Find out more about these guys. They are a company that specialists in security products which means they are super nerds when it comes to camera quality and being able to design and build a robust system. The beauty of it is that their prices for their products are not astronomical so you can go from something like Ring and have a system that has a higher warranty period and name another benefit.
Ring – a Simple Intercom Solution

We now sell Ring V2 which is a Wifi battery operated intercom, so if you are looking for a wireless intercom, this is your option.  Your Ring battery should give you 6-12 months of use. Battery life is directly related to the number of events your device experiences as well as environmental and network conditions = how many times your video is triggered by activity.  There is no fee for triggers of live events but if you are busy when someone activates your Ring Intercom you will need to pay for a subscription to be able to retrieve previous activities.

The Protect Plans range form $40 – $150 pa and they will keep a record of entry trigger events for up to 60 days.  Please read more about the Protect Plans here. There is no contract, you can cancel at any time.

Some specs to consider before choosing Ring; if you live in an area of Brisbane that experiences high congestion at certain times of the day, the video quality will drop or at worst not be available, this is part of the problem with using a Wifi security solution.  What this also can do is give you low quality pixelation in your footage.  Poor Video Quality FAQ

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