How To Make My Home More Secure

by | Apr 8, 2021 | Home Security

The main reason we see people consult with us about a CCTV system or an Alarm system is that they or someone in their street has been broken into.  Then we get multiple inquiries about how to make my home more secure.  We have written about insurance premiums, and better technology in security measure

Things to consider
What are the access points to my house?
Where are my weak points?
Do I have sensor lights?
Is my bag secure even when I am home?
Install deadlocks.
Lock the garage all the time!
Organise for a house sitter when you are away
Redirect your mail when you are away.

If you live in a great suburb where the neighbours can help out while you are away, they have cameras that look onto your property or front access point or there are plenty of dogs in your street.  These can all help for making your home more secure.  If there has been a burst of break ins in the area, you have noticed new people walking in your street, or the news is showing more crime in your area.  It may pay to call KGB Security Systems and have us give a consult on solutions and you can either take ours or use the advice to implement your own.  For the cost of a call out fee, the peace of mind and security strategy will be worth it.

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