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by | Apr 6, 2021 | Alarms, Home Security

When you buy a safe the term that is always associated with the cash rating is ‘supported security system’ or ‘supported system’, which increases your cash rating.  Most safes will advertise the cash rating for a safe based on it being installed with a supported system.
Why you should obtain a home supported security system:
  1. Someone in your immediate circle knows you have a safe. At some point they may mention something in the wrong place at the wrong time = your contents are exposed.
  2. The fact you have a great safe that will keep your valuables secure. But if you make it easy for them to gain access to you or your property, you could put your personal safety at risk.
  3. Most criminals are looking for a snatch and grab. If you have a visible camera to the street, sensor front and back lights and your security company’s logo on the fence, this will increase the walk on by effect to wannabe criminals.  This is effective for most home situations.
If you have a lot of personal valuables at home that are kept within your safe, taking your security to the next level is the next smart step.

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