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KGB Home Intercom Systems

Video and/or Audio Systems for easy controllable access to your home.

The advantages of an IP intercom system means you can see in real time who has requested entry to your home. In theory you could answer a electronic knock on your front door from almost anywhere in the world. If you like many other are buying items online you can rest easy knowing that when the package is delivered you can talk to the driver or even open the front door from your mobile phone.


Wireless intercom systems for home are being sold everywhere, Ebay, JB HiFI etc but whist these may seem like a good idea they must be installed and programmed correctly.

Home intercom systems offer the convenience of answering the door when you’re away and the peace of mind and security to decide who you open your door to when you’re home.

Wireless intercom systems for the home have revolutionized our daily lives. A smartphone intercom system, when it is fitted to a perimeter gate or door, allows you to keep track of the kids as well as others who arrive unannounced or allow a delivery to be left on your balcony. You can even let them in remotely!

We have a few brands we recommend to suit any budget but still keep the level or quality there so they only time you have to call us, is for your biannual service.

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Home Intercom Systems

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Wireless intercom systems for home are being sold everywhere, but while they may seem like a good idea they must be installed and programmed correctly.  We have been installing and fixing security equipment for 30 years. From Alarm and access control systems to electronic locks. And, should you have any problems with your home intercom system we can repair it, all within a reasonable timeframe.

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