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Home alarms have become more accessible to home owners who wish to have peace of mind whilst they are away from home. Anyone who has every experienced a break in at home will fully understand the feeling of personal invasion. Most criminals look for the easy job when they decide to break in. If they notice from the street that you have an alarm system they will bypass your home.

Find Peace of Mind With An Alarm System For Your Home

Having a security alarm installed in your home is an easy process without too high a cost depending on your home size and access points. Most alarm systems today have easy check in and alert options that can be self managed or monitored depending on your situation and this additional cost is not a pre-requisite for having an alarm installed. We will give you the full scope of options that are available for your situation so that you don’t pay for more than you need.

The Risco Wireless Self-Monitored Alarm

The Agility 3 Risco Home self monitored alarm systems is a game changer in the home and commercial security market. We would go even as far to say it is one of the best wireless self monitored home security systems on the market. Their cameras are designed to reduce false triggers from your environment. Such as wind, trees, cars, and domestic animals. It offers both smartphone and desktop video capture messaging, making easy check-ins on the furry or human babies.

Smoke, gas and flood detectors are also available as an add on. A wrist and neck panic button for the elderly is also available. Family members can relax and have peace of mind knowing those needing help will have it with the touch of a button.

Hardwired Alarm Systems

Here at KGB Security Systems Brisbane, we use a core selection of suppliers to implement all the hardwired security solutions our clients need. We offer state of the art security systems with both alarm and CCTV solutions.

Hardwired Alarms include:

Fully customisable systems
High pixels cameras
State of the art IP sensors
Superceded quality to reduce false alarm triggers
High quality images up to 15 mtrs away
Factory warranty

Easy Ordering, Easy Install, Easy to Use

We will also out of courtesy check in with you to see how your system is going to make sure there is nothing but smooth sailing after our install. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and will always walk you through any doubts to make sure you are confident with the system.

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Our team is in Brisbane. Call us today to schedule a visit.
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