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KGB Home CCTV Security Systems

Providing exceptional service and quality performance in home digital security systems for over 15 years.

Home CCTV solutions are as varied today as iPhones and tablets.

We have three top of the line camera suppliers we use, Samsung, HIK Vision and Takex for sensors. Each one of these systems we use are always refining their technology systems to be ahead of the evolution of criminals. Once a system is installed, monitoring your system can be shared with your partner, parents or friends whether you are home or away. Access is easily shared and withdrawn, it is a simple process that we walk you through upon installation.

You can choose between a hard wired systems that has flow on benefits to any other systems you install or wifi CCTV.

Top Reasons for Installing a CCTV at Home

  1. As a precaution, to improve general security and safety around the home, through remote monitoring inside the home.
  2. To address specific issues of either; anti social behaviour, increased crime in the area or a break-in in the area or home.
  3. Increased neighbourhood security.
  4. As a low cost method to be able to keep an eye on the kids and pets.

Whatever your reason, KGB Security Systems offers a free custom quote for you and great after sales service and support to make sure you are always happy with your new system.

The effects of better home security solutions has meant that nearly 80% of crimes have a conviction as it helps officers identify where a good fingerprint may be or capture important evidence that can be used in court.

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Our team is in Brisbane. Call us today to schedule a visit.
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