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by | Apr 5, 2021 | Smart Phone Home Security

One thing is for sure, we all want life to be simpler as well as safer. A smartphone linked electronic home security system can deliver on both aspects. Home security systems have evolved over the last 5 years particularly. The unification between smart phone and security system is so obvious now. However the electronic engineers were hesitant to address this demand initially. We have installed many hundreds of home security systems Brisbane home owners use to protect there possessions and loved ones over the past 20 or so years. During this period people just wanted a home security system that was reliable and didn’t drive the neighbours crazy.

The Risco alarm is our “go to” home security system because of its ingenious features and simplicity.
Mobile phones are fast becoming the most useful tool at our disposal. Just imagine a day without your trusty mobile. Our mobile can be used to help with so many tasks and now you can add guardian to that list. Being a father to two teenager children I often worry that they have made it home from school safely. With a smartphone alarm you will get notified when they have turned the alarm off. You can then “look in’ and see what they are up to.

Of course checking on the kids and pets is only one use for this powerful home security system.

Its main purpose is to scare burglars away and draw attention to their activities. Many people wrongly believe home security alarms either don’t work or false alarm. Home security alarms have evolved into reliable foolproof and cost effective systems. Video verification helps you work out whats going on at your home . The old “back to base” alarms are going the way of the dinosaurs. Their “sneaky contracts” and becoming redundant and the alarms replaced with self monitored ones. If you do even a little digging you will find many stories of woe. Stories where people are tricked into signing lengthy alarm contracts.

Easy to use with very low running costs!

With a Risco smartphone alarm you can make your security system work for you. Call us today to arrange for a free home security survey !

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