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by | Apr 2, 2021 | Alarms

We do so many home alarm system repairs Brisbane residents recommend our company to their friends. Finding reliable tradesmen can be a bit hit and miss. Over the last 30 years we have been training our tradies how to walk and talk. This is often necessary as tradies can sometimes be lacking in the area of communication. To me its a no brainer to find out from the problem actually is, work out a plan of action and fix it. Home alarm system repairs are very critical if security is important to you.

Whats the point of having a home alarm system if your scared that it will false alarm?

Or worse there is a break and enter and it doesn’t do the job it supposed to ? Home alarm systems have evolved particularly over the last 10 years. Our modern smartphone alarms run rings around an alarm as young as 5 years old. Alarm panels can work reliably for 7 or even 15 years. However its all about how you can use them. Our Risco Agility smartphone alarm is so user friendly. You can turn it of or on from wherever you have phone coverage. However being able to peer into your home via the camera app is the real difference.

If your home security alarm system refuses to co-operate or worse starts beeping or even worse starts screaming in the middle of the night we can help.
Keypads are fast being replaced by smartphones !
From the get-go there are a few simple things to check the functionality of your alarm. Your keypad is the alarms interface. The two most common lights that indicate a problem are “low battery” and “trouble”. With smartphone alarms there is a lot more information that is available. Of course in a perfect world alarms would be serviced EVERY 2 years. Lightening strikes or power surges will cause all sorts of problems with a variety of electrical equipment. Keep an eye out for any thing out of the ordinary with your alarm system.

Lastly we will try and help you over the phone so before you call have the brand, model and installation date at hand. We look forward to hearing from you! Send an email to alarms@kgbsecuirty.com au or call 1300 556500.

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