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The Automated Home

The cost of the automated home, inclusive of access control at your front door, CCTV and alarms inside and outside your home has dramatically dropped in cost in the past 2 years. It is becoming more and more accessible and streamline, with wifi or wired options, the ease to be able to customise any system we offer makes any solution possible.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Along with key lockable locks on all access points of your home or business, supported with CCTV or Alarms or both will ensure not only better security but in most cases lowers your insurance costs and premiums. Please consult with your specific insurer to ensure that you are aware of what their guidelines may be to meet their guidelines.

Access Control for Family or Staff

Modern access control systems can remotely allow access to family or friends while you are away or for work environments to remove access to previous staff or access to new or existing staff. It allows for monitoring entry and exit times for each of these scenarios.

CCTV – Closed Circuit TV

CCTV is a network of video cameras and monitors that can record images from around your home and workplace.   It also has settings that can allow various storage time settings and can offer both still or video footage for your property.  You can be alerted by the system when a break in is in progress and we have systems that automatically alert authorities reducing the time it takes to get Police to the premises. 1300 55 65 00

More Crimes are Solved by Home Security Systems

More and more today, crimes are solved by home security systems and Police have come to rely on home CCTV footage to capture criminal activity in surrounding areas. Even if to solely prove that a suspect was in the area at the time of the crime. Of late a few high profile cases have been solved due to the supported evidence provided by private CCTV home security systems. Your external cameras, in fact all of your cameras should be a high quality digital camera to be able to prove clearly the identity people walking on the street past your home. Not only for your benefit but for community service as well.

Garage Security

Whether you use your garage for your main point of entry or it is where you store your gym gear and tools, either way there is value within keeping on top of your garage security.  Some easy solutions you can do is;

Sensor lights at both the entry and exit points of the garage, depending on its positioning to your house.  Always keep it locked, ALWAYS.   If you have noticed somethings out of order it may be pertitenent to install a security camera on this side of the house.  It is not only for deterring but also for street security, criminals will not enter a property if there is a visible security camera.

DIY Alarm and CCTV Installations

The market is flooded with DIY alarm and cctv intallation systems, the better ones are around the $1000 mark but it does carry some loop holes for insurance payouts.   Having a system installed professionally allows a certification to be given which makes it harder for insurance companies to wiggle out of paying out.  Also having black spots caught by cameras and sensors without having constant false alarms or inadequate positioning or supported lighting to enable a good quality reading every single time is worth paying that little bit extra for our team to install it.  We sell the Risco Alarm System and can offer same day installs on this item.

Proximity Card Security

We offer access control solutions with both a keypad or swipe card, proximity card security, technology. Both offer improved security and time efficiency as well as lower locksmith costings as the keys are easily reconfigured inhouse. We can also custom install swipe card security for safes that will allow better security for cash and drugs for both the business and medical fields.

No Hidden Costs

With our security systems we give you all the information you require to make a decision up front. We do not advertise a $299 system which ends up costing you $2800 over a minimal contract of 36 months, like some other security companies do. We work with you to understand what your security needs are and what system will meet those without over or underselling so you get a system you are happy with from day one. Always.

Easy Home Security Monitoring

Easy home security monitoring is a key feature of most new security systems as they can be set up in a way that you can check in on your home from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet connection. If you are travelling remotely you can assign your system to allow a family member to monitor the home in your absence, which may be required if teenage children or pets are left behind with alternative carers.

Intercom Systems Home or Commercial

We offer a quality range of voice / video intercom systems that can offer a low cost security system for your home, Body Corporate or commercial premises. Whether you have moved into a home with an existing system, building a new home or need a service or replacement of the old system. We offer industry expertise and insights, just get the conversation started and we will advise on what may be the best options for your situation.

PIR False Positives

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