Facebook Parties: CCTV Solutions

by | Apr 6, 2021 | CCTV, Home Security

Of all the wonderful things that the internet has afforded us, one of the ones that have caused many parent and neighbourhood a headache is the out of control Facebook parties. But there is a solution, or at least a deterrent!
A monitored CCTV camera and/or Alarm system can be connected into your home internet with a live feed sent directly to your phone.
You can have an easy check in option or an alert sent when activity has been monitored in your home. We can install cameras that are hard to spot or ones that blatantly let all know that there is someone watching.
This can be set as a safety measure as well for your children as most times Facebook parties get out of control due to one of the ‘friends’ has posted it on their public Facebook profile and then it becomes a free for all. This means that the ensuing result is out of your child’s hands and these parties can easily swell to 50-100 people in a matter of hours.
To give a bit of insight of how just having cameras can ensure your house and family are safe lets have a quick look at a life changing study done in the prison system known as the Panopticon Effect. It is where the prison tower was moved into the centre of the prison and the prison is built in a circle. What was found that even though the inmates could not know for certain whether they were being watched or not at any given time, they adjusted their behaviour to a more positive one just in case they were. This is why in break and enters in commerce we always have to do repairs on the shop that does not have the camera system as 9/10 the crims will use that as an access point that offers reduced time on camera.
We have many price points and solutions for a CCTV system in your home
Yes you can buy a system from Jaycar or the likes but the issue is with false alarms, low pixel cameras and a not so easy set up for everyone. With KGB Security Systems Brisbane we have a great team of security professionals that can scale up or down based on your desired outcomes for you video surveillance system.

Believe it or not, your kids will thank you for it in the long run and for insurance purposes a professionally install CCTV/Alarm system will lower you premiums.

Call one of our helpful staff today and we will get you set up and online in no time.

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