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by | Apr 2, 2021 | Alarms, Commercial Security, Home Security

When I first moved to Brisbane from Melbourne some 33 years ago I was amazed at how few deadlocks there were compared to down South. Well fast forward to today, we sure are catching up in terms of household security. This push I believe is coming from Insurance companies. They know that the more security an area has the less it will be targeted by criminals. Drive down just about any street and you will see the electronic alarm system Brisbane residents have installed to deter thieves. They are easy to spot, the siren box, the warning stickers all there in plain view.
However there are other reasons that people install an electronic alarm system
Its now possible to use your alarm system to check up on teenage children. You could even be overseas on holiday and just want to make sure the dog as food & water. Ensuring there are no wild parties going on. This technology is has only come about since electronic security alarm manufacturers have linked smartphones & alarms. The smartphone alarm system is a huge step up from old electronic alarm systems.

Because I get a notification each & every time my alarm is disarmed I know my kids have come home from school. I can also use my smartphone to turn my alarm on if I raced out the door without setting the alarm system.

Keypads used to be an integral part of many alarm systems.
Because the Agility 3 alarm interfaces with a smartphone it is very easy to use!
Click here to see a Youtube Video on the Agility 3 smartphone alarm system

By installing an electronic alarm system the amount of time criminals have to work is cut down dramatically.
As soon as the alarm starts blaring crims start to panic. They have no way of knowing if the home owner is just around the corner and may also be a black belt. Studies have shown that the siren noise makes it harder for crims to think clearly. Our new range of smartphone security systems are easy to use and will keep you up to date with data about how the alarm system is functioning.

“Be wary of cheap alarm systems that come with nasty lock you in contracts “

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Unlike many man in van security installers we operate from professional premises. We also have class 1 and class 2 Security licenses and all work is covered by our warranty policy. Call us today to arrange a free security survey and quotation.

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