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by | Apr 2, 2021 | Intercome

Once you have had a house with an intercom you will never go back. An intercom will protect you from all those unwanted or uninvited guests. The way I see it, before you actually open the front door you should know who is on the other side. Most phones have caller Id. Of course this can only happen with a VIDEO intercom so if you still have a voice intercom you will still have to peak out through the curtains. Now back to the topic,
We provide a intercom repair Brisbane residents can rely on to keep you and your family safe.
We have been installing, servicing and repairing all manner of security equipment for almost 30 years. Servicing all suburbs in the greater Brisbane area our fleet of service vans can take care of just about any intercom and or intercom problem. From dead handsets, crackling, buzzing or buzzer releases that wont release. We can replace just about every intercom brand there is. Some of the more popular brands we have serviced are Aiphone, Elvox, Farfisa, Panacom, Commax and others.
Of course intercom systems are more than wires and resistors.
Many faults we find are actually attributed to related components such as the locks, hinges or the door closer. Having extensive experience with large security systems many of these component repairs are par for the course. Without doubt the hot ticket item is an intercom that works with your smartphone. Intercom system upgrades is another service we perform. Our customers want to see as well as hear who is at the front door. In this situation we can use the existing wiring and just replace the door station and the internal handset.

Of course being able to open your front door whilst your away from your home opens up a whole new world of access control. You might be on holidays, and a family member needs to gain entry. You can open the door and even see who is with them. Whatever intercom system problem you may have we are just one call away.

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