KGB Commercial Alarms

Providing exceptional service and quality performance in commercial digital security systems for over 15 years.

When it comes to commercial alarm systems, KGB has worked with every size business in Brisbane, and greater QLD.
KGB Security has worked with Banks, government departments, QLD Police, done work for the Navy, small and large privately owned businesses, each with their own unique system that works for their situation.

Commercial Alarm Systems

KGB provides any and all of the following services in a commercial capacity

CCTV systems
Access control
Back to base monitoring
Alarms that alerts your mobile phone
Motion detection
Holdup buttons

Panic buttons
Wireless devices
Hard wired security
Industrial security
Security for Government buildings

assortment of commercial alarms
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The Risco Wireless Self-Monitored Alarm

The Agility 3 Risco self monitored alarm systems is a game changer in the commercial security market. We would go even as far to say it is one of the best wireless self monitored security systems on the market. Their cameras are designed to reduce false triggers from your environment. Such as wind, trees, cars, and domestic animals. It offers both smartphone and desktop video capture messaging. Smoke, gas and flood detectors are also available as an add on.

Hardwired Alarm Systems

Here at KGB Security Systems Brisbane, we use a core selection of suppliers to implement all the hardwired security solutions our clients need. We offer state of the art security systems with both alarm and CCTV solutions.

Hardwired Alarms include:

  • Fully customisable systems
  • High pixels cameras
  • State of the art IP sensors
  • Superceded quality to reduce false alarm triggers
  • High quality images up to 15 mtrs away
  • Factory warranty
Paradox hardwired home Alarms tablet view

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