Pinpad security system, Numerical pad access system whatever you call it, they allow & prevent access. Of course a good quality tumbler lock will also control who has access. But its not easy to eliminate 1 keyholder’s access without affecting others. This is where pin code door systems excel, you can give out a code and then delete it easily and quickly. In some instances you can do this from another location using a mouse. Of course the mouse and computer must be connected to the security system via a network. We can design & install a codepad security system Brisbane residents can use to enhance their security.

More often than not the code pad systems we install are used by organisations that have large numbers of people. It may be a real estate office or a community hall or even a tennis club. Where ever people need access through a door or gate. It is even possible to have a code that expires after a period of time has elapsed. Different codes can be set to open a door only at specific times and dates. Battery powered code locks are what we call stand alone. Each time a code is either added or deleted it must be done from the lock.

Networked Codepad Security Systems

A networked security system has an infinite amount of access possibilities. Imagine the number of people who need access through different doors in a busy hospital. This is all possible when the security system is connected to a computer network or the internet. Alas I have seen some very sophisticated security systems fall over because a door closer is installed incorrectly. For over 30 years we have been installing and fixing codepad security systems. There are also a number of cheap codepad security systems available on the internet. However they must be tailored to your specific situation or you are wasting your money.

We will be happy to come out & discuss the options that are available and then inspect your premises to ensure it will work as you want it to. Call or email us today for a no obligation quote.

Codepad security system Brisbane A simple to use Presco codepad security system.
An intercom can also be connected to a codepad security system
Old style mechanical codepad security systems are easy to beat by fingerprint dusting the numbers ! The numbers can be entered in any order to gain access.
Battery powered codepad systems have limitations but are generally cheaper than wired systems
Our mobile vans service ALL Brisbane suburbs
Installing a large wired codepad security system does require expertise.

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