Technology is improving at a staggering rate.  There has been discussions in magazines like Wired and Fast Company highlighting the fact that the technology advancements in the next ten years will be equivalent to what we have experienced in the last fifty years.  This is across the board with phones, memory chips, AI, disruptive technologies.

That is why we are seeing so much advancement in the automated home systems such as NEST in the U.S. and why home security systems are getting smarter and simpler.  The high quality of cctv high pixel cameras means that not much gets past these.

CCTV Camera facts; Analogue or Digital

  • Digital sensors record images directly to a computer.
  • Analogue requires a supported recording device
  • Analogue can be converted to a digital signal
  • Digital do not require a video capture card
  • SD cameras capture 320 000 pixels resolution
  • HD cameras capture in 1,2,3,4,5 mega pixel resolutions
  • Both digital cameras offer compression of images = higher storage capacity

As we understand your needs it depends on your situation as to what camera system is the best for your business.  Our security technicians and the heads of KGB are constantly undergoing testing and training in what is new in market so that we can offer you the best for your security needs.  We have a lot more blogs on security measures so please read through to see if the answer to your question lies on this site.  Or call us on 1300 5565 00.

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