Caravan Alarm and CCTV Systems

by | Apr 8, 2021 | Alarms

You would not have considered that the invention of the angle grinder could have caused so much trouble with security solutions but it has. Due to this little handy power tools criminals have been liberated from the concern about locks, chains, padlocks, steel casings and even some cheap brands of safes.  This has also made a big different to Jetski and Caravan security.  Insurance policies have become stricter in payouts due to the ease that these possessions can be stolen by criminals now.

Security Points to Consider
Install a good tow bar lock; Talon, hitch locks.
Take photos of all your goods esp. the expensive pieces, tv, computer etc.
Make sure your door is visible to others – this deters would be criminals.
Do not park near trees or shady areas when setting up for the night.
Etch your VIN number on different panes of glass on your carava
Caravan immobiliser – be wary of these, cause issues.
Install sensor lights
Install a caravan alarm system motion sensor alarm – this is where we can help you
It’s part of spatial awareness and safe travels to always be aware of your surroundings when travelling. When installing a motion sensor alarm you could set it up so that your family can check where you are on travels so they can keep an eye on you on your adventures. It is just another security measure to consider when you get out there on the open road.

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