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by | Apr 6, 2021 | Alarms, CCTV

The world of home security is in the biggest cycle of flux at the moment with new disruptive security technology entering the market every few months. From automated home security systems that connect with blue tooth technology in door locks, CCTV and Alarm systems, roller doors, temperature and lighting systems. Before it was only for the multi million dollar homes but more and more we are seeing these new technologies being afforded to everyone, the key is to identify the technologies that will outlast this curve in development.
We have done a bit of research on this matter to identify the best automated home security systems
We have really gotten behind the Yale Alarm System for either your home and/or business security option, the main reason is because of the flexibility that this system offers.  They have released a panic button that can be fixed under the front counter in your business or worn by your independent grandparents at home or by the bed if you are home alone or have heard suspicious activity outside.  It also has the ability to be piggy backed with other technologies that allows for light automation while you are out/traveling and linked through your Risco system.  Our technicians are constantly scouring local and international suppliers to find new technologies that network with established groundbreaking technologies to make your home/business more secure.

One technology we have discovered for home automation is Z-wave; the home router system that will connect your other wifi devices; CCTV, Alarms, Digital locks, smoke detectors (and lights). In the digital lock department we are very excited about Schlage; Sense and Connect, a network applicable digital deadbolt/lock that is Australian security and insurance compliant, a key factor for any technology we recommend to our clients.

The key factor to understand when embarking on home automation is that it is a step by step process for those who are feeling overwhelmed by this concept.  If you wish to know the best way to start from the point you are at now, please contact one of our locksmiths or CCTV technicians to discuss the home automation insights they have to offer as no two homes are exactly the same when it comes to home security.
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