Many alarm systems across Brisbane have been having Issues Since the NBN Rollout began in 2012. If your Alarm system has had Issues since the NBN has been installed you might be due for an upgrade. There are many differing alarm NBN upgrades that can be installed, IP and GSM modules are among the most common.

GSM Modules

For years home alarms have been designed to dial out through the phone line, unfortunately this is no longer possible. Now to get an Alarm system to Dial out during an event we can use a GSM sim card module. This module allows the alarm to send a text or call Via the cellular network to notify you of alarms. These modules come in a range of different Brands and Networks to ensure you get the best coverage available. Almost all Alarm Panels will have provision for a GSM module, With different Levels of functionality. The capability of a GSM module ranges from sending text messages during an alarm, to allow remote arming and disarming. Because these modules run off the alarm’s backup battery, the system will still work when the power is down.

GSM Modules

Old 3G GSM module (Left) VS new 4G GSM module (Right)

IP Modules

IP modules utilizes your existing internet connection to bring your alarm system online. These modules are ordinarily specific to alarm brands or models and allow more advanced features. Remote arming/disarming as well as adding or removing alarm codes are commonplace for most IP modules. There are smartphone apps that have been developed to make it easier to use and self-monitor your alarm system. These apps can be setup to send push notifications when the alarm goes off and give low battery warnings. People often ask us “How can I self-monitor my alarm system”, IP modules are often the Go-to for this.

NEW Risco IP Module

New Risco IP and GSM Plug On module


Whether it’s a new alarm, or an old alarm, we have many new solutions available to suit the situation. We Have been servicing the security Industry for the last 33 years, and worked on many different types of alarms. Wired, Wireless, Thermal, Vibration Detection and anti-glass break, these all have a common factor, they need to be monitored. If you’re out and your alarm triggers how are you to know? wait for a phone call from annoyed neighbors?. Fix the issue before it becomes an issue, Give us a call for a free quote today!

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Alarm NBN Upgrades

Wireless home alarm system capable of NBN self Monitoring (Risco)

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